We dreamed what we cannot achieve in the film

The new film Avatar tells an old story which Pocahontas told many years ago. But this time, the background moved to a fantastic planet , and it is a happy ending story rather than that sad one we are familiar with happened in the earth.

We all like happy endings because we know quite well about the real historical stories of human civilization. We know how the Indian people were robbed, banished, even killed by those newly arrived immigrants they just saved. We know how the ancient civilizations were destroyed without any respect since they are less developed. We also know how many species are vanished with industrialization course without mercy. Yes, we are quite familiar with all of these. They are our past, our daily life, miserable enough, no need to pay to see the same thing in a movie.

Then, we can only make ourselves feel comfortable in the fictive happy ending. Courage just lies in a story. Facing our own insatiability, any good will is so pale. Introspection is far more than enough. Finished seeing the film, we need to act to achieve some real improvement rather than dream anymore.

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